Isa Walker

Isa is a mixed media artist specialising in Fine Art and illustration. They have exhibited sculptures and paintings at the Wilson for the bi-annual WAC takeovers. They also sell their work independentlyYou can find them on Instagram:, or further investigate their work on Facebook: Isa Walker Art


Ross Morgan

Ross is a painter with a masters degree in Fine Art. He is passionate about making art accessible to the public and has facilitated events and exhbiitions in London, Brighton and Cheltenham. For more info:

Georgia Jamieson

Georgia graduated from Falmouth University in 2018, with a BA in Illustration and is now based in Gloucestershire. She specialises in children’s illustration, which is often inspired by nature and local history. Instagram: @georgia.jamieson.illustration

Adam Elliott

Adam Elliott is a Documentary Photographer based in Cheltenham. After graduating from the University of Gloucestershire in 2018, Adam has been working with local community groups, using Photography workshops and projects as a tool to get people talking. He is currently working on projects around the theme of ‘Non-Places’ – communities and spaces that are often overlooked.

Danielle Tipton

My work is distinctly dark and disturbing fine art photography representing the struggles of mental illness and overwhelming emotions. I work with mainly self-portraits, reflecting difficulties that I had to deal with due to a dark childhood. Instead of denying my dark emotions, I now embrace them through the art, allowing these overwhelming feelings to inspire me creatively. I use it as a form of therapy. Life and art have entwined themselves and my prime purpose is to make my audience feel uncomfortable by this darkness, therefore giving them a small taste of my world. Instagram: Daniellas_ghosts

Ella Daniel-Lowe (Luna Lotus)

Channeling the magic of nature into her work since 2016, Luna Lotus is inspired by the abundant flora and fauna surrounding the area. She aims to share her love of the natural world with others in her work, creating illustrations, accessories and murals she is available for workshops and commissions of illustrations, design work and large scale pieces.


Rowan Ireland

Rowan Ireland is a fine artist, studying at the University of Oxford. Rowan’s work focuses on his personal relationship with the audience and a playful misunderstanding of the truth in all its guises. Ongoing projects include Opera 4 Batz, an operatic commination; and Not Just Ice, a not-for-profit environmental organisation. More information can be found here:, and less can be found here:


Associate Artists

Shirley Halse

Shirley is a writer and performer, working with storytelling and education. She has performed at Green Man festival and as part of The Gloucester Culture Trust’s Aethelflaed celebrations. You can find her on twitter: @shirleyhalse, Or check out her website –

Polly Gannaway-Pitts

Polly is a zine artist, working with a variety of materials, including collage and screen printing, to bring together a bi-annual zine for the Wilson Arts Collective. You can find her on twitter: @pollymayfly


JPDL is an artist who’s spent over ten years working on his craft, over a variety of different platforms from UK rap to spoken word. Whether it’s history or politics, JPDL’s content is socially aware and has stretched throughout a variety of subjects. He has shown this throughout the years with diverse appearances from summer festival shows, working with the BBC for Armistice Day and headlining Cheltenham poetry festival.

Annabel Duggleby

Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Arts, Annabel has unleashed a horde of inflatable icebergs on regency Cheltenham as The Wilson Gallery’s ‘Disruptive Artist’; traced the lines of an old fortress in Luxembourg whilst in residence at the European Investment Bank; and explored the history of plant hunting, as Artist for the Environment at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. She is currently working on a risograph printing project for young artists. + Instagram: @annabel92

Danielle Salloum

Photographer, filmmaker and artist Danielle Salloum, is passionate about raising awareness about many modern controversial issues from human rights and social equality, to the struggling environment and the rise of veganism. She has an unhidden fascination in finding out stories behind people and aims to document and communicate these stories in a visually stimulating way.

Thomas Sellick-Newton

Thomas teaches at the University of Gloucestershire on the Contemporary Theatre and Digital Media module. He has been performing live art since he was 19, when he first appeared at Tempting Failure’s International Live Art Festival performing ‘Am I Perfect Now!?’, later adapted for a performance at The Wilson called ‘Was I Perfect Then!?’. Thomas took his show ‘Broken Episodes’, to Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 where it was warmly received. He continues to tour the UK in between teaching.


Sally Jenkinson

Sally Jenkinson is a poet and writer based in the Forest of Dean, but was born and raised in South Yorkshire where they say poem like this: ‘poym’. She is currently working on her second full-length spoken word theatre show, ‘Like The Water’ with musician and composer Nuala Honan.



Dan Sundelin (FatFem)

Dan is a DJ, Music Producer, Performance Artist, Theatre Maker, Promoter and Podcaster. Dan’s theatrical practice explores the  express the absurdity in society. I question whether or not this is a workable model of existence through the influence of adaptation, experimentation and autobiography. Instagram: @fat.fem



Freya-Marie Saleh

Freya is a Cheltenham based artist with a BA (Hons) degree in English from University of Leicester. After studying an intensive course at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, Freya explores portraiture, still life and figurative art through the style of realism. Freya’s interest in the symbolic nature of objects and materials drives her to uncover a hidden language and to use these tools to visualise her own stories, feelings and experiences. Instagram: @Freyasaleh

DJ Fade

Fade is at home on the turntables – whether spinnin’ in bars, clubs, dance battles, festivals, industry showcases, WAX (vinyl DJ) workshops or even for the occasional homegrown recording artist. He has a proven track record covering all these bases and more – demonstrating the versatility of an accomplished performance DJ. Instagram: @DeeJayFade

Lee Chaos

Lee Chaos is a musician, sound artist and DJ based in Cheltenham but working all over the country. He is the audio half of temp0rary, promoter and organiser of JUDDER! and works as a music leader and event manager for The Music Works.



Victor Jay

Victor Jay is a Bboy (Break Boy)  who has competed in over 12 countries, taking several titles and making a name for himself internationally .Victor Jay was selected in 2019 by drinks brand-giant RedBull – as one of the top 16 B-Boys in the UK to compete for the opportunity to represent his home country in the annual RedBull BC One World B-Boy Battle. Instagram @bboyvictorjay

Martha Kelsey

Martha Kelsey is an Artist and Arts Producer from Cheltenham. Her work is concerned with the transient nature of Time and Place. Focusing on architecture, her work explores ruined buildings or places set one day to become so. Martha is also interested in these themes at a community level. She enjoys producing projects that will engage people with local heritage and environment of where they live. / Instagram @marthakelsey

James Moore

James Moore is an actor and performance artist, known for his work in ITV’s Emmerdale. His performance art is gritty and true to life, showcasing aspects of his fears, his struggles with disabilities, and many more topics. His performances are often hard hitting and in your face, purposely designed to take you out of your comfort zone and deliver his message to audiences in a way that pushes their boundaries, and sometimes his own too. Video / Random Acts / Emmerdale



Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts is a visual artist working under the pseudonym ‘Art Lad’. Roberts’ work intends to be as direct and honest as possible by creating images that reflect his innermost thoughts and feelings. Roberts’ art is often humorous, surreal, and reliant upon drawing from imagination to make an emotional connection with an audience. In his work are themes of identity, consciousness, ideologies, societal expectations, spirituality, and the continual reconciliation between internal perception and the outer world. / Instagram: @theartladgram

Tim Martin

I am a professional illustrator, graffiti artist and muralist. I am skilled at a number of different styles of art, including Graffiti, traditional painting and technical art, using a wide variety of materials. I run art workshops for people of all ages and will paint anywhere I can get to via public transport and pedal bike – which turns out, is most places! I have a first class degree in Illustration (BA) from the University of Gloucestershire, and a masters (MA) in Illustration from the same establishment.

Jazzy Heath

Jazzy Heath, is a professional singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She has appeared at festivals such as Cowes Week, Isle of Wight and Bestival and has made televised appearances on the BBC. She has created scores for films and worked as a sound engineer for 2000 Trees and Wychwood Festivals. In 2019 she released her first full-length album, ‘World of My Own’. She is currently teaching music, composing and coaching others. Instagram: @jazzyheathmusic