Warholes is the first in a series of gallery interventions at The Wilson and part of The Cheltenham Trust’s Summer of Play programme for 2018.

Wilson Arts Collective is hosting an intriguing crazy golf course inspired by 9 famous artists including ‘Andy Warhole’, ‘Pablo Parcasso’ and ‘Vincent VanGolf’. This intervention takes place between Thursday 5 and Saturday 7 July and gives you the chance to enjoy, play and discover art in a different way.

There will be a special late night event on Saturday 7 July with music, drinks, art and of course crazy golf, 7-10pm.

A further four interventions follow on from Warholes, all by local creatives who will transform our third floor gallery into a space for you to come and have fun, be curious experiment, problem solve and express yourself through play.  It’s a space to have fun!